How It Woks

Issuing Hood:

Users can easily create and issue their own Hood. FansHood supports pre-sales and provides support to content creators who have already established influence in traditional fields. Each step we take is aimed at expanding the FansHood community.

Content monetization and Hood empowerment:

All content can be priced for earnings by creators, and FansHood also provides advertising exposure. You can share your favorite content, offering earning opportunities not only for creators but for all users. Through decentralized Hood transactions and the Pump system, both creators and all FansHood members can generate income.

Secure transactions:

Whether you're a creator or participant, transactions are made simple and secure due to audited and open-source smart contracts.

Community DAO Voting:

FansHood empowers its community through a decentralized voting mechanism, allowing users to vote on the platform's future development and features.

FansHood is more than just a social platform. It's a comprehensive ecosystem managed by the community where every interaction has the potential for economic benefits.

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