Fund Allocation

The financial distribution within the FansHood ecosystem is driven by diverse revenue streams, carefully designed to promote positive development and sustainable value distribution:

Transaction Fees:

As part of our decentralized pricing model, FansHood charges a 5% transaction fee on all Hood trades on the platform. Simultaneously, Hood issuers can earn a 5% transaction fee from all Hood transactions. This mutually beneficial revenue model promotes the overall financial health of the platform. Over time, FansHood will allocate platform earnings to support the community and ensure funding for research and development and marketing to expand the entire FansHood community.

Content Payments:

FansHood levies a 15% fee on content payments to creators. This mechanism not only supports the healthy development of our comprehensive content system but also facilitates user experience optimization and better development support, providing content creators with more perfect creative support.

Advertising Revenue:

FansHood offers K3H ad access and a customized content platform to content creators. All creators can access corresponding ad revenue based on their expertise and range of influence. In the future, FansHood will activate the advertising system in all aspects after reaching user growth milestones, providing additional profit support to the community.

Future Protocols:

Our long-term vision includes developing new protocols within the FansHood ecosystem. These future applications will contribute to our revenue sources and further enrich the functionality and utility of our platform.

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