FansHood Economic Model

In FansHood, a three-token system combined with platform points will be implemented to provide stakeholders with a clear incentive structure, fostering value creation and accumulation mechanisms for a sustainable ecosystem. Users engaging in content creation, transactions, or participating in crucial governance votes on FansHood will Fans or Points rewards. Fans and Points represent airdrop privileges within the FansHood project.

FansHood aims to coordinate incentives between users and developers in a novel and exciting manner.

  • Reward users and creators for engaging in FansHood interactions, encouraging them to hold tokens for additional rewards and sustained investment returns.

  • Decentralize ownership and governance of FansHood, making decentralization a practical reality in terms of tokens.

  • Combine web2 and web3 content for token issuance based on user growth and platform traffic, ensuring the reasonable distribution of tokens.

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