$FAT: The native token, providing support for users' economic activities within the platform. This support mechanism not only increases user engagement but also enhances sustainability on an economic level.

  • The supply speed of $FAT is entirely based on the growth of the user base.

  • As more product scenarios are implemented, users will need more $FAT to unlock additional value, including high-value content payments, exposure traffic support, or advertising costs. Therefore, the circulating supply of $FAT in the market will always be at a healthy inflation level, providing users with a good experience and ensuring investor returns. ·

  • $FAT is released in the form of FairLaunch, with all users receiving it at the same time. Even in the initial stages, the team does not hold $FAT, ensuring that everyone starts on an equal footing. ·

  • $FAT is linked only to the growth of the FansHood user base during the project's launch. FansHood will initiate the first airdrop and distribution of $FAT when the user count reaches 1 million.

For the economic relationship between $FAT Token in the FansHood ecosystem, refer to the diagram below.

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