Advantages of FansHood


FansHood enhances security and efficiency through comprehensive AI integration on the platform. Seamlessly integrating with industry-leading software and tools, it delivers a more secure and decentralized user experience. Advanced AI algorithms and data processing capabilities ensure robust protection and smooth operations, fostering a safer and more efficient digital environment.


FansHood enhances security through a full-chain deployment of hood and seamless integration with renowned crypto wallet, providing a more secure and decentralized user experience.

Content Payment

FansHood tipping and content payment mechanisms lead the revolution in Web3 creator economics, incentivizing content creators to share high-quality content and offering recognition and rewards to content consumers.


Unlike rigid pricing mechanisms, FansHood allows users to pump content payment earnings or self-selected funds into the pricing mechanism, increasing the value of all Hood and making pricing more flexible to meet community demands.

Multi-Channel Support

In addition to simple social group chats, FansHood also supports various content channels such as short videos, live streaming, chat groups and dynamic posts, providing a more comprehensive community experience.

Device Compatibility

Whether on mobile or desktop, wherever you are, FansHood offers a seamless user experience.

Deploying on zkSync

By deploying on zkSync, FansHood follows the L2 trend, expanding user reach and facilitating accessibility for users worldwide.

Permission Isolation

Your privacy is essential, and FansHood provides multiple login methods. It won't access your Twitter or other social account information without your authorization.

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